November 13


Norwegian is an amazingly similar language to English in many ways and there is no faster way to learn that online. Easily convenient to your own schedule and with the ability to apply your own learning tactics, there is no better way than to take on your educational goals than on your own.

Visit a website like Norwegian School Online to access a valuable course immediately and begin learning Norwegian quickly. Since there are similarities to English like statement word orders as well as some of the words and phrases, there is nothing better to do than set yourself to a quick learning experience for your own advancement or preparation for your own Norwegian experience.

Given the many amazing and beautiful trips that are available around Norway all year long there is a wonderful advancement to learning the Norwegian language comfortable before you head over there. Enjoy the scenery and the culture with a settled and comfortable mindset. See some simple steps to help learn a comfortable level of the Norwegian language below:

  1. Put post-it notes directly on things around you in your home or at your office. Touch the objects whenever you see them and make a sentence out loud with the word on the post-it note.
  2. Ask your friends and colleagues to speak with you in Norwegian, or simply start a conversation in Norwegian. After a few times your colleagues will know you are eager to practice and will help.
  3. Memorize a few key phrases, then replace nouns and verbs with new words. This way you’ll get used to the sentence structure.
  4. When you listen to TV or radio, try to listen for the verbs people use. Which inflection is it? What does it mean in this context?
  5. Memorize the numbers and pronouns right away.
  6. Memorize vocabulary that is related to you, your everyday life and your work situation.
  7. Use simple and fun memory techniques to build new vocabulary quickly that can be found online.
  8. Look up and read newspapers in ‘lettnorsk’, ie. easy Norwegian.
  9. Watch Norwegian films with English subtitles. In addition to Norwegian speech you will learn about the Norwegian culture and humor.
  10. Listen to Norwegian radio while doing other things. Check out NRK’s free stations (http://radio.nrk.no/).


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