November 13


There are descendants of the fascinating Norwegian history all over the world… Are you one of them? Several generations of Norwegian natives, including the Vikings and others into the 18th and 19th centuries, made their way around the world to begin new lives of freedom and excitement. Everyone in this world has a right to know the history of their heritage and a simple online course could lead you to all of that knowledge.

Take a little time online at locations like Norwegian School Online to learn about the history of the Norwegian people and everything they have been capable of for centuries. With the adventurous and inventive nature of the Norwegian people you may be able to recognize a whole new side to yourself! For centuries the Norwegian people have emigrated around the world and often settled in the United States, Canada, Australia and many other places.

Considering the deep, intense history of the Norwegian people and their emigration all over the world there is the ability to find a major expanse in your own ancestry with a little online research. Though the interestingly creative stories of Viking journeys dating back to the 9th century overwhelm Norwegian history, many tales exist for the centuries up to date regarding the massive struggles and triumphs faced leading to the beautiful country that Norway is today. While gaining their strength back after breaking away from Denmark and coming back from the Napoleonic Wars Norway has progressed through the 20th century to become culturally and financially independent. If you have learned of your own Norwegian ancestry or are interested in your Norwegian connection at all websites like Norwegian School Online are the most convenient opportunity to complete your research and potentially learn the Norwegian language in preparation for a trip to the heartland.

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